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Starring Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson & Kyle Chandler. Directed by Todd Haynes. Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel.

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I was working with Todd Haynes,jesse nye I drove all cars dump truck cab.I would like to get working with Todd again!

That is just wonderful :D Thank you, Eddie.

Miss Belivet, what is your favorite quote(s) from 'The Price of Salt' ?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hi mortimer. 

I’m afraid your other question about my favorite Carter Burwell soundtrack disappeared in my inbox - but to answer your pervious question, my favorite work of his, by a mile, has got to be the music for FARGO

My favorite quote from “The Price of Salt” is the popular “‘What a strange girl you are.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Flung out of space’”, but apart from that, these lines caught my attention the most:

“What could be duller than past history!” Therese said, smiling.

"Maybe futures that won’t have any history.” 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi miss believe I love your tumblr it is very good I wanted to do just a little question: Carol could compete for the Oscar 2015?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hello and thank you : )

I don’t think they’ll be able to compete for Oscar 2015 since the movie will not be released this year. But watch out for the 2016 Oscar though. 

Music for the motion picture “Carol” is composed by Carter Burwell & mixed by Michael Farrow. 

Music Recorded : check

Mixed: check

NYC: check 

Getting closer and closer to the finish line. 

Hi Ms.B. how are you? Do you know where can I watch full vid of rooney mara handling the sta barbara award to cate blanchett? Thanks in advance!
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hi. You may click here via ApplePie of Carol-The Movie Fans Community & Forum. 


Asker Anonymous Asks:
I was watching that black and white Goldfrapp music video you posted about the gay lady serial killer and it made me wonder if some of Carol might be in black and white like how Todd shot Cate's parts in the Dylan movie. Does it say in the script?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hmm, none that I can remember and I’m not sure if there will be b&w scenes, because all I heard about is how amazing the colors look in the film so..

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've been reading your blog a lot lately and it's just wonderful :). I found one posting your curious, that the autograph Cate is even yours? You got the script for the movie?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hello and thank you :) 

The lucky owner of the book with autographs of Cate, Rooney and Todd Haynes is toriroloson . 

As for your other question, 

tempting, aint it? 

According to Christine Vachon via Anne Thompson | Thompson on Hollywood

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey :) What do you know about the tweet that said they pushed Carol back to 2015 because of Cate's brilliant performance and her subsequent award chances?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hi. Well let’s trace back to the much obvious comments of those who have seen the promo/snippets of Carol at Cannes and said that Cate is really really good in this movie, combined with contributors who have seen a teaser and even a wip screening - the performance does seem like it is brilliant (and on paper it is that strong) based on those early reactions, plus the info passed my way were all positive - mentioning that Cate’s really great in this. 

I have posted last February, a month before they even started filming, that Carol might indeed be pushed to 2015 and just this late July, it was known that Carol will not be ready until Spring 2015 because they’re simply not done with the post-prod work yet. So I am not so sure if Cate’s brilliant performance is the main reason why they pushed it to 2015, maybe “part” of many reasons, but who knows…I am just really anticipating for this film to come out. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
If the premiere of Carol is at the Cannes festival, will take long for the movie premiere internationally?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

I am not entirely sure, but it will really depend on the film’s international distributors - some countries may release it months after the world premiere, while others can take up to a year (after w.p.). 

Hopefully, we don’t get to wait a long time for this one ;) 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what's the meaning of your username?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

The username Miss Belivet was inspired by the fictional character known as Therese Belivet from the best-selling novel “The Price of Salt” aka “Carol” written by Patricia Highsmith.  

Asker Anonymous Asks:
miss belivet your tumblr is wonderful, the way you behind us important information about the movie is perfect. Could you tell me if you already finished the movie? Both in the edition as in the filming?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

My pleasure. I’m glad you are enjoying the content of this blog. 

Hmm..let’s see. The movie has wrapped since May 2nd, so yes, filming is done already. I hope I got to answer your question right though. 

hi I’m Brazilian and I want to join your tumblr because I love Cate Blanchett and much to the book. I speak fluent English and do film academy

Hi Julia. Wow! Lots of Brazilians really love “Carol” / “The Price of Salt”. Likewise, I’m a fan of Cate and the book. Feel free to join other Brazilians and fellow “Carol”/The Price of Salt fans at the Carol-Fan Community & Forum. Hope to see you there too! 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Any Preview for launching of Carol?
missbelivet missbelivet Said:

Hello. There’s no new report yet. 

Trivia Tuesday : Did you know that the gorgeous Goldfrapp song “Stranger" was inspired by Patricia Highsmith’s "Carol"? How cool is that?

”Stranger” is from the Goldfrapp album “Tales of Us”. Buy the album via itunes by clicking this link

Stranger, when you look at me
Eyes strong as steal
Light as day

Born a mystery
You’re the in between
Boy or girl

Wilder, than I’ve known before
Fire rushes through
Every vain
With a smile that sings
You’ll be killing me tenderly

Every word is soft as fur
I’m drifting deep deeper in

Stranger, will you remember
Stranger, make me remember you

Taken by the crowd a tide
It’s there then gone do or die

Stranger, I dream of you and
Stranger, I will never know
Stranger lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.